A sneak peak at the book I’m writing (updated)

Here’s an updated introduction for the book I’m working on, which is entitled ‘Learning for Memory: the Middle Ages’. It should be available for purchase by end of May (hopefully). It has been a joy and a struggle to write, and it still needs plenty of revisions, but I’m pleased with where I’ve got to […]


Every holiday without fail, some controversy or other seems to grip edu-twitter. I remember something about eugenics last time around. Well, today the saga continued with a whole (mainly progressive) section of edu-twitter in uproar because Schools Minister, Nick Gibb, shared a blog post by Andrew Old, which critiqued the Education Endowment Fund’s meta-analysis of […]

My educational 101

This Easter holiday, I’m celebrating a little anniversary. It was two years ago that I got offered my first job in a school. In January I had made the decision to get into teaching and then managed to do some volunteering in a local school as well as with the charity IntoUniversity. Now I was […]

Workload and resources

My timeline yesterday was full of outrage following the publication of this TES article, with the clickbait headline ‘The solution to the workload crisis? Stop teachers designing their own lessons’ which was prompted by the publication of this report by the Policy Exchange. As always with these things, the actual report is a lot more […]

Far from the madding crowd

Years ago, when I was dabbling in property development, I discovered something about human nature which helped me find my little niche in the developer world. Like many others, I’d cut my teeth watching programmes such as ‘Homes under the hammer’ and tried going to auctions to find a property to buy. I’d look at […]

Half term musings

I’ve been dipping in and out of my Twitter feed during this half term holiday, and noticed a couple of hot topics being debated, most notably: changes to the Professional Skills Test and the introduction of a times table test. While I’ve been away, I’ve also had a chance to catch up with my reading, […]

A sneak peak at the book I’m writing

Readers of this blog will know that I am currently writing a KS3 history book (the first of three books I’m proposing to do). The process has been more time consuming than I imagined, which should explain why I’ve been blogging less than usual lately. I’ve not crossed the finish line yet, and there is […]

The siren call of progressive ideas

I decided to dip my toes into the world of ITT one more time by going to an interview today. I’m still not convinced it’s what I want to do at this point, but I thought it was worth exploring. Part of the process involved a group discussion with other potential trainees, and I was […]

My best blogs and articles of 2017

Everyone else is at it, so why not me? I’ve quite possibly made some glaring omission, but I thought I would share the blog posts and articles that have resonated with me or made me think the most this past year. This, this and this by Dr Becky Allen explains so well why schools have […]