What I’m reading at the moment…

My shelf is groaning under the large pile of books I have recently bought to develop my subject knowledge prior to starting teacher training. I have a broad range of tomes awaiting my attention, encompassing pedagogy (Dylan William’s “Embedded formative assessment” and Daisy Christodoulou’s “Making good progress?” top of the pile here) to various history […]

Should teachers be impartial when it comes to politics?

With the election campaigns in full swing, some educators on Twitter have deemed it appropriate to bombard their followers with propaganda tweets in support of their political opinions. Some slogans on my Twitter feed have been so provocative that I have been tempted at times to respond. The reasons why I haven’t are twofold. Firstly, […]

The perils of using empathy in historical analysis

This week has seen me reflect on empathy and morality, and whether they should inform the way we teach history in schools. Ben Newmark’s thought provoking blog got me thinking about this issue, as well as Bernard Andrews’ subsequent article. Should we teach the facts and analyse historical events in a neutral way or should […]

Do strict behaviour policies harm children?

Today I visited a well known free school in London which practices a no-excuses behaviour policy. I had heard so much about it on Twitter and thought I would see for myself what the fuss was all about. I was curious to see what excellent school wide behaviour looks like. In my experience so far, […]

Knowledge Organisers

This page will contain all the history knowledge organisers which I will add as I go along. All the knowledge organisers are in PDF file format. Edexcel GCSE History: Medicine through time, c1250-present Medicine 1250 to 1500 Medicine 1500 to 1700 Medicine 1700 to 1900 Medicine 1900 to modern day The British Sector of the […]

Modelling a GCSE essay

It occurred to me this week that I should try my hand at writing up one of our year 10’s GCSE essay questions. We are currently studying the Edexcel module, Early Elizabethan England 1558-1588, and have got to the Armada. I have tried in my essay to model what a good essay answer should look […]

The top 5 things I believe about teaching

Ok here we go. The first post of my blog. I have recently seen prominent Edu-bloggers post about 5 things (check this and this) so I thought I would follow suit and state the 5 most important things I believe about teaching. This is a snapshot of my views right now; I reserve the right […]