In defence of the narrative in history

Jane Austen once famously said about the main character of her novel ‘Emma’, that ‘she is a character who no-one but myself will much like’. I find myself thinking similar thoughts about the book I’m currently writing. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a book that no-one but myself will much like (or read), but […]

It’s not looking good

Maybe it’s to do with the wintry season we’re in, but I’m increasingly pessimistic about education in this country. The optimism I felt last year on entering the teaching profession, buoyed by the interesting ideas in books and blogs I was reading, has faded away. I thought there was a wave of common sense making […]

Howard Goodall: a great explainer

Having read Adam Boxer and Ben Newmark‘s recent blogs about the great explainers, one other example immediately came to mind and I just wanted to write a quick blog about it. In his fantastic series of TV programmes called ‘How music works’, Howard Goodall explains how music is constructed, developed and why particular melodies evoke […]