Learning for Memory – We have lift off!

My new side project, called Learning For Memory (learningformemory.com) has lift off. I have written a set of 11 booklets entitled ‘The Middle Ages’, covering a variety of topics for Key Stage 3 history teaching. The booklets are available for purchase on this link: https://learningformemory.com/purchase.html The website will also over time be populated with free […]

ResearchED Rugby – a veritable smorgasborg of speakers

I have just come back from the ResearchED Rugby conference and I thought I would write a quick blog summarising the experience. In a nutshell, it was fabulous. The naysayers claiming it’s just a rehash of the same old speakers and same ideas should be eating their words. It wasn’t stale, it was fresh, fresh, […]

It’s been a long hard slog but …

I’m getting there! My new set of booklets entitled ‘Learning For Memory: the Middle Ages’ is finally complete and will be marketed via my new website, learningformemory.com. Please do visit and bookmark the site, as well as register your interest. There is also a sample booklet, entitled ‘Norman England’ which can be downloaded from the […]